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Christian and Anna Barbara Luethe

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Dear Friends,

My name is Teresa Allen. I am sending an exerpt from the geneology information I have of my great grandparents, Christian and Anna Barbara Luethe (Luthi) . This information was provided by their first child, Fred. He died in McMinnville on April 3, 1970. This information was given to a cousin of my father's some years before that.

"I was born in Canton Berne Switzerland in 1875; in 1877 we immigrated to Oregon. We went through Paris, France. The only other town I remember is New York. We took a sailing ship to NewYork and were three weeks on the way. Everyone but me got sick. I was used to being rocked. At New York, we took the train to Sacramento, then a boat to Portland, Oregon. From there we went by wagon to one mile north of CEDAR MILL. There we stayed with a farmer. Father worked for the farmer about two months before he realized he wasn't going to get paid, Father went to look for a home about 5 miles north of CEDAR MILL.

Father bought forty acres. It had a one room log cabin, a small barn of logs. About one acre was cleared about two dozen fruit trees. The orchard was planted to clover, some potatoes, and rutabagas. There were twenty bushels of potatoes Father sold them to pay the taxes and to buy a few things we had to have. Father paid five hundred dollars for the place and had enough left to buy a cow. This was in June just in time to cut the clover for hay. We lived mostly on rutabagas. I think we had some bread now and then. I believe I lived mostly on milk."

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